February 15, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I originally posted this in my Facebook Notes. If you have a facebook account, you might have been tagged also to do this meme. It's my first time to do "random things" meme and I had fun with this one!

1. I get upset when people make me wait for a long time (read: wasting my precious time) especially if we agreed to meet at a specific schedule.

2. I was born and raised in Bataan.

3. Me and my ultimate best friend have known each other since we were five-year olds. We were classmates in nursery and grade school and roommates in college. The only time we were separated for a long time (physically and geographically) was when I went here in Qatar in 2004 and eventually she went to the US in 2006.

4. I took piano lessons when I was in grade four and continued it in high school but never performed a recital and can’t play any piece now.

5. I passed PSHS's first screening exam but I am not able to take the second screening exam.

6. I went to an all-girls high school in Guagua, Pampanga.

7. I’ve always wanted to become a CPA but ended up taking Chemical Engineering at DLSU.

8. I took Master of Engineering major in Environmental Engineering and Management at DLSU but I’m yet to complete my project to earn the degree.

9. In 1999, I was chosen as Reyna Elena in Santacruzan held in Balanga, Bataan with Illac Diaz as my escort.

10. When we were steadies, I broke-up with Walter by writing him a break-up letter. We had no communication for two years until one day, he sent me a text message asking for some info and the rest is history.

11. My husband is also a Chemical Engineer.

12. My husband bought me a nice electronic threadmill so I can exercise at home. It’s gathering dust now.

13. My high school best friend passed away in 2005.

14. I used to have very bad eyesight (around -5.5) until I underwent LASIK surgery at Asian Eye Institute in 2007.

15. I love travelling. My ultimate travel goal is to visit all the beautiful places in the Philippines before turning 50.

16. I collect ref magnets of places (cities and countries) we’ve been to.

17. I used to be a COKE light (diet) fan but I am diet PEPSI convert now.

18. I enjoy baking. Part of my long-term goal is to study pastry arts, put up my own bakeshop and enter into food processing business.

19. Given the opportunity, I want to study MBA at Asian Institute of Management

20. I had a completely different outlook about my finances after my graduate school classmate introduced me to Rich Dad, Poor Dad book (by Robert Kiyosaki).

21. I want to be financially independent at 45.

22. I want to do scuba diving but I need to learn to swim first.

23. One time, somebody asked me out because he wanted to use his GC from a certain restaurant in Malate but he made it clear that it’s going to be dutch treat. Am I too assuming or he is just a cheapo?

24. I prefer home-cooked food anytime.

25. I want to retire in the Philippines.

After writing this, I felt like I'm a boring person. What do you think?


reyna elena said...

REYNA ELENA KA NA?! waaa! ako wala paaaaaa!!! hahaha

interesting ang nilista mo. i am sure pag napunta ka nang AIM you'd do great!

Joy said...

I'm an advanced certified scuba diver and I can't swim - so you can do it, too!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

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I, Woman

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these interesting things about you.

Wow, I find Illac Diaz handsome.

It must be rewarding to travel to so many beautiful places. Your ref magnet collection must be one of your wonderful treasures.

I love the thought of scuba diving but like you I need to learn to swim first. :)

pet said...

buti naman at nakikilala ang mga blogger sa mga tag na ganyan...di ko pa natapos basahin tong mga post mo, balik ulit ako para maituloy...

Anonymous said...

i read ric dad poor dad too, good book! napadaan mula kay Malen blog. :)

Nina said...

I will decide in 3-5 years, siguro di pa naman too late by then. Kasi I need to be full time so I need to save pa tapos I'm planning to take pastry arts para after ay mai-apply ko na ang natutunan ko sa AIM.

@Dr. joy,
Talaga? you're really great, ang dami mong achievements. Sabi kasi nila kahit kailangan marunong lumangoy kahit 300-500 meters. I can't really swim so I'm planning to take swimming lessons. I want to go to Coron and at the same time, take the diving course there.


@ mahalia,

salamat din!