February 23, 2009

Arrgh, it's back again!

I gained back those stubborn pounds again plus more! It’s so frustrating to try different types of diet, start an exercise program, which I can’t sustain, etc. I wish there’s a more effective solution to my never ending saga to lose weight. I am thinking of trying Acai Berry for a change. Any thoughts?


AiDiSan said...

Hello Nina,

I'm a native of Pampanga and currently working in a call center inside Clark. My husband is working in Qatar to where you are currently based that's why reading your posts about Qatar is like visiting my husband already. You have given me a lot of ideas about that place.

I have already included your blog in my blogroll, hope you do the same.

Thanks and God Bless!

Ron Centeno said...

One step at a time nina. Baby steps. The more you force it the more frustrated you will get.

deepasion said...

Nina, have you tried the South Beach Diet? =)

payatot said...

ay naku, problema ko rin yan tita..ang hirap mag papayat..bagaman at payatot ang titol ng blog ko e chubby naman ako..ewan nga ba kung bakit ang bilis tumaba

Nina said...

@AiDiSan, Thanks for dropping by. Are you planning to join your husband here?

@Ron, oo nga eh pero kailangan talaga when you start a program, continuous. Back to square one ako ngayon.

@dee, yes, it's effective kaya lang can't resist rice pa rin and sometimes busy ako kaya di makapag prepare ng food na pang-south beach. Saka siyempre, I need to cook for hubby. I think I have to start Phase I again.

@payatot,may mga tao naman na gusto tumaba pero ayaw tumaba di ba? sana yon na lang tayo.

roni said...

pag nagbakasyon ka sa pilipinas, try to drink katas ng saha ng saging. very effective and very fast result on losing extra weight.

Anonymous said...

nina, alam mo kung ano ginagawa namin ni kengkoy? we jog everyday tapos salad lang sa dinner. he lost 6 kilos na for one month, ako naman matakaw ako sa rice kaya i dont loose weight pero feel ko naman na hindi na ako flabby :D

marky said...

Fitness First Doha!!! The in thing now with Pinoys in Qatar..hehehe..just got enrolled a few weeks back