February 3, 2009

More Cravings...

I will not refuse a delish chicken empanda anytime...

Chicken Empanada

I baked this during the New Year...hoping to do some baking again sometime soon! Do you like chicken empanada?


Anonymous said...

ako, ako penge! waaaa. gustong gusto ko nyan pero dapatwat subalit.... pengeng recipe i try kong gawin ;D

Anonymous said...

I used connie veneracion's dough recipe and another recipe for the filling. I modified connie's recipe, I used 1 cup butter (1 bar gaya ng dari creme is equivalent to 1 cup) and for the filling, you can create your own filling. Check the links:



Anonymous said...

antay ko email mo, tenks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, super sarap naman! :) I love the food pix you have here!

That's the one thing I sorely miss about the Philippines -- the food! The one thing that makes me want to move back there is the food. :)

pet said...

wow naman, sarap ah! sa tingin pa lang magugutom ka talaga..waaa

Anonymous said...

bungad naman ng blog nito ay puro pagkaen.. nakakagutom, kakain na lang ako mamaya.. :D

galing mo naman.. marunong ka magbake.. bilib ako sa mga taong nagbe-bake.. kasi ako, di marunong magluto.. miski pagbukas ng kalan... HAHAHA.. baka kasi masilyaban ko tong bahay namin, maging nomads kame.. :D

ge napadaan lang!


Joy said...

I used to, Nina, but as you know I am now a pescatorian, so I can't have that. I'd love a veggie version though :D

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Nina said...

Thanks for visiting. I miss Pinoy food so much especially those I can't find here.

@paya tot
thanks for visiting!

naging food blog na nga ata ito :) I love baking and I find it a lot easier to bake than to cook...

@ doc joy
you can enjoy empanaditas instead with ube haleya filling. I'm going to try that one of these days when I got the time. Right now, I'm perfecting my leache flan. Do you eat eggs?

Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, that homemade empanada looks so inviting.

Anonymous said...

Anything empanada is hard to resist. Used to make this with my mom before :)