May 20, 2010

9th Week Scan

Last monday (May 17th), I went for my 9th week scan. Actually it was a follow-up of the previous scan to determine the viability of the third sac. At this time, the third sac still has no heart beat and was concluded not to be a viable so it's definitely going to be twins! I did not go back to my doctor after the scan. He said, there's no need to visit him. If the sac did not develop, it will just be re-absorb into the uterus so there's nothing to worry about that.

When I found out about the possibility of triplets, I was thrilled by the idea. But somehow, I felt relieved that that there's only two and not three. Having twins will have lesser complications for me and the babies. Risk of pre-mature birth will be much lower and I'm sure the prenancy itself will be more managebale.

Given the chance, would you like to have twins?


Unknown said...

Yes. For a balanced breast. ^.^

Heart of Rachel said...

Double blessings ... again, I'm so happy about this great news. I hope that you'll have a safe and healthy pregnancy.