May 13, 2010

The Cravings and Nausea

Unlike other women, I don't have any weird cravings; but, I did have strong cravings for Filipino food during the early weeks (before the 6th week) of my pregnancy. Unfortunately, there's no pork here so I am not able to eat anything pork during that time.

I'm glad that during the early weeks of my pregnancy, I did not feel sick at all. But by the time I reached six (6) weeks of gestation, I started feeling nauseated intermittently. It wasn't too bad though and good thing is I am not throwing-up. In fact, I am able to go to work without any problems. Later on, I found out that keeping myself stuffed relieves me of feeling sick. Eating cereals, apples, bananas, small sandwiches between main meals kept my nausea away.

But I have another problem. By 6th week, I developed a strong sense of smell and I feel sick whenever I smell food being cooked especially garlic. I started being picky with what I eat. I can't eat food with very strong flavor like green bell pepper and coriander although I am still able to enjoy a wide variety of dishes. I also can't stand stinky smell like that of dirty rest room and strong body odor, not even for few seconds.
Overall, my pregnancy is going well with manageable discomfort. I easily get tired and I can't stand for long periods but that's also manageable. Can't wait for the nausea to go away completely! I am so looking forward for the second timester. How's your pregnancy experience?

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