May 11, 2010

It's Twins

So we went for a scan yesterday morning. The ultrasound (U/S) tech found heart beats in two out of the three sacs. We're having twins!!!! I'm very happy with this development. The U/S tech gave another schedule after one week to confirm the heart beat of the third sac.

In the afternoon, we visited Dr. Shahata and he explained to us that it is unlikely that the third sac will still develop heart beat since I'm already at 8 weeks of gestation. He also told us that having twins will have lesser complications than having triplets so we shouldn't feel feel bad if the third sac will not develop at all. He gave me enough meds (progesterone and folic acid) for another six weeks. Another U/S was scheduled on the 13th week of gestation to confirm if my baby is developing normally. He also ordered blood tests and urine tests as part of routine lab tests.

While I'm quite happy with my doctor at Hamad Women's Hospital, we will be seeing another doctor in a private clinic later today because Walter wants to see the heart beat in the U/S scan. He feels deprived of the joy of seeing and hearing his babies because men are not allowed inside the U/S sound room at Hamad and copies of U/S reports are also not provided to patients.

I am happy that my pregnancy is progressing very well. Can't wait for the next months to come and finally see them in flesh.

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Alde Cruz said...

congrats! we also wish to have a twin. pero we want a girl and a boy twins.