May 3, 2010

The Long Wait is Over

***This post was written on May 3, 2010 and published on May 11, 2010***

Finally, after waiting for six long years, I am pregnant! My husband and I are overjoyed by this blessing. I can't say much at this point because I'm only at 7 weeks of gestation. I had my ultrasound (U/S) last week (at 6 weeks gestation) and they found three (3) gestational sacs but only one of them has a yolk sac and none of the sacs has fetal heart beat yet. Actually, I was a bit shocked to find out there are three sacs in my womb and that there is a high possibility of carrying a triplets. As soon as it sank-in , my mind raced as fast as a bullet train and I thought of 3 car seats, 3 strollers, bigger car, loads of feeding bottle, baby dresses, etc. My nausea also quickly disappeared! At the same time, I was thrilled by the idea of having triplets. When I came back to the car and told Walter of the results, he was also a bit shocked but very proud :)

In the afternoon, I visited my doctor and he said, it's too early to conclude anything at this point because there's still a high possibility that fetal heart beat may not develop in any or all three sacs. I need another U/S at least a week later to confirm the fetal heart beat. Since I was scheduled for another U/S in two weeks, I'll just wait patiently for my schedule because early U/S sometimes gives unnecessary disappointment.

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Heart of Rachel said...

This is wonderful news. Congratulations! I'm very happy for you.