June 7, 2010

1st Trimester Ends, 2nd Trimester Begins

***written on June 7th***

Today, I'm exactly at 12 weeks of my pregnancy based on my LMP. The 1st trimester has officially ended and I'm about to enter the 2nd trimester. I am really hoping that I'd feel much better in the days to come.

While I've been compalining of feeling sick from time to time, I think I'm among the lucky women who have manageable pregnancy symptoms. As long as I avoid anything that triggers my nausea, I'm fine. The most challenging for me is my heightened sense of smell. There are times...I'll rephrase that - I can't really stand being in the kitchen or just being outside our room when something is being cooked in the kitchen. The smell is just unbearable and makes me really sick. I can't even bring dirty plates to the sink because it makes me want to puke even just standing near the kitchen. Walter comes to a point where he doesn't know what to do anymore :) It's also frustrating that I can't do anything in the kitchen - not even getting water from the fridge.

Well, now that I'm entering the 2nd trim, I do hope that my sense of smell will be back to its normal levels or at least at less intense levels.
How about you? How do you manage pregnancy symptoms?