June 7, 2010

1st Trimester Ends, 2nd Trimester Begins

***written on June 7th***

Today, I'm exactly at 12 weeks of my pregnancy based on my LMP. The 1st trimester has officially ended and I'm about to enter the 2nd trimester. I am really hoping that I'd feel much better in the days to come.

While I've been compalining of feeling sick from time to time, I think I'm among the lucky women who have manageable pregnancy symptoms. As long as I avoid anything that triggers my nausea, I'm fine. The most challenging for me is my heightened sense of smell. There are times...I'll rephrase that - I can't really stand being in the kitchen or just being outside our room when something is being cooked in the kitchen. The smell is just unbearable and makes me really sick. I can't even bring dirty plates to the sink because it makes me want to puke even just standing near the kitchen. Walter comes to a point where he doesn't know what to do anymore :) It's also frustrating that I can't do anything in the kitchen - not even getting water from the fridge.

Well, now that I'm entering the 2nd trim, I do hope that my sense of smell will be back to its normal levels or at least at less intense levels.
How about you? How do you manage pregnancy symptoms?


Beng said...

First of all, congrats! Wow, ngayon ko lang ito nalaman. I am so happy for you :).

Pregnancy symptoms varies from woman to woman. Yang sa yo ay matindi kagaya din sa kapatid kong nasa states. Morning sickness lang ang naranasan ko sa panganay at pangalawa. Sa aking bunso ay halos wala na akong naramdaman.

Ingat ka lang lagi ha and don't carry heavy things.

Heart of Rachel said...

I had a tough 1st and early 2nd trimester. I was always nauseous. I was even hospitalized at one point because of dehydration and a little spotting. I was also advised to go on bed rest. Thankfully, towards the latter part of my 2nd trimester, things improved.

Like you, I was quite sensitive to certain smells particularly strong smell of garlic and seafood. Whenever I feel throwing up, I eat a piece of candy. Most of the time it helped. I also drank a lot of water.

It's good to know that your pregnancy is progressing well. May you continue to have a healthy pregnancy. Take care.

Toni Tralala said...

I just want to say congratulations with the pregnancy! :)

I've never been pregnant and I don't intend to be at least for the next 5 years. Lets see how that goes.

I wish you a safe pregnancy. :D