July 14, 2010

13th Week Scan

I had my 13th week scan on June 14th at a private hospital (Al Ahli Hospital) and on the June 16th at a government hospital (Hamad Medical Center). Yes, I go to two hospitals and two different doctors for my pre-natal check-up. If you are wondering why...My husband is not very happy that he is not allowed to join me during ultra sound scans at Hamad Hospital so we decided to do parallel check-ups at a private hospital. Why not just have the pre-natal at Al Ahli then? I didn't want to stop visiting my doctor at Hamad Hospital until I've decided where to deliver.

Scan done between 11 to 14 weeks is called Nuchal Translucency screening to assess the baby's risk of having down syndrome. During the scan, they check the nuchal fold or the fluid on the baby's neck and the nose bridge. Babies with down syndrome tend to accumulate more fluid in the neck. This test can only assess whether the baby is likely to have a down syndrome but does not provide a definite diagnosis. A diagnostic test maybe done if the fetus has a high risk of having down syndrome.

I'm glad that both scans came out with normal results. Next important scan will be between 18 to 20 weeks to determine if the baby is developing normally. It is commonly referred to as anomaly scan. At this time, the gender can also be determined, if the baby is in the right position. So excited for the weeks to come!

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