February 14, 2012

E-mail Scam? - AAA Liquidators Warehouse

I just received what looks like an e-mail scam. It's either a scam or perhaps illegal activities that needs someone to work for them. I actually googled "AAA Liquidation Warehouse Scam" and it did not yield any result except for this FB link.  Looks like e-mails were sent in the Philippines sometime in December. Google search results also provide maps, etc. of this AAA Liquidation company.  There's even a positive review at bloglines though it's also suspicious. I don't believe in product reviews anymore because when I was looking for "work at home jobs," there are many "job openings" to make positive reviews of their products. If you receive this e-mail, beware. I really think it's scam because....

- First, the offer...It's too good to be true. If you search for jobs from home...the most you can receive for virtual assistants is US$ 15/hour.

- Why would a company entrust receiving payments to a stranger? Considering the offer, it is safe to assume that receivables would be large sums. For legit transactions, bank transfer is the usual mode of transfer - not western union. So either it's a scam or illegal activities going on.

Here's a copy of the email...

ATTENTION :::::::::We are one of the largest Hotel / Restaurant equipment warehouse in Miami USA. Due to the large amount of order we receive from Qatar, we are in urgent need of workers who will work part time as payment/fund receiving agents.JOB RESPONSIBILITY / MAIN REQUIREMENTSOur customers in Qatar will divert payments to you, we will then give instructions on how to remit the funds to any of our office location or clients in UK using Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram. Payment will be sent in QAR and you will instantly deduct QAR 3,500 on every payment and also get a Monthly Payment of $4,000 (USD). You will receive about 2 payments weekly.IF INTERESTED, EMAIL US THE FOLLOWING DETAILS:Full Name : Contact Address : Mobile Phone Number : Age : Current Occupation : Do you have a DOHA BANK ACCOUNT ? : Note: You are required to have a DOHA BANK ACCOUNT (Account will be used in receiving payments)Our agent will call you to give you more information and also guide you regarding this offer once we receive your application. We will also email you your employment letter and a sample of our products.Awaiting your quick response and application. Confirmation and Employment letter will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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joeacosta said...

I just got this and I believed its a scam