February 12, 2012

Two More Sleeps

Note: Found this entry in my drafts. It was originally written on November 28, 2010, two days before my scheduled CS delivery.  Somehow, I did not finish it; thus, it wasn't published.  But I'm posting it anyway.

I thought I’ll write an update before I deliver my twins. Two more sleeps before my little angels will come out but tonight will be the last night I’m going to have a peaceful sleep. Tomorrow evening, I’ll be admitted at the hospital in preparation for the CS delivery the following day. When we go back home, we’ll have little angels whom I hope will not be cry babies like when mommy was a baby.

I haven’t posted any update since I entered the second trimester of pregnancy so I’ll pick up from where I left off last time. By the time I entered the second trimester, my nausea slowly went away. My sensitivity to smell also started to decrease though it did not completely go away. Until now, there are certain smells which I cannot stand for long periods. I started to have an increased appetite at around 24 weeks – about the same time I tested positive for gestational diabetes so I was put on diet for the rest of my pregnancy.

I’m glad I started my leave as early as my 29th week because my energy level has gone down even before I entered the third trimester. I easily get tired and I can’t stand for long periods. Finding a comfortable sleeping position became more and more difficult specially during the last three to four weeks. I am also struggling to get up and the and the first few steps after getting up from lying down position are painful. Trips to the bathroom became more frequent and there's always a feeling of urgency!

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